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December 2, 2011


The Louis Garneau Carbon Pro Team shoes offer the latest in shoe technology for an optimized performance. The X-Lite outsole is our lightest outsole with added ventilation that does not compromise stiffness and is designed for racers. Not only is the outsole superlight, the thin design achieves a position that is closer to the pedal and therefore offers increased power. The rear heel features HRS-300 technology. This technology is an internal polymer system that secures the foot in place, optimizes fit, and reduces loss of power through slippage. The three straps (two Velcro, one ratchet) are physiologically designed for unsurpassed comfort providing pressure point relief and a secure fit that holds the foot in place and works in cooperation with the HRS-300 technology to increase power transfer. The insoles have Ice-Fil's moisture control technology. The fibers react to perspiration and convert sweat to a refrigerant to keep your feet cool and dry.

Thomas Voeckler, David Veilleux, and other professional athletes will be riding the Carbon Pro Team shoe for the 2012 season.

The Carbon Pro Team shoe is available in Red and Black, retails for $329.99, and expected to hit stores in January.