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December 23, 2011


Louis Garneau proudly announced today that the profits generated by the Cyclosportive Garneau-Cascades, in the amount of $30,000, have been donated to the Friends of the Elderly organization. Mr. Garneau also wishes to extend his thanks to Messrs. Laurent Lemaire, Chairman of the Board of Cascades Inc., and Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and CEO of Québécor Inc., for their involvement in the success of the Cyclosportive of August 14, 2011.

“This is the best time of the year to give, in my opinion. However, we must not forget that these people are isolated all year long, not only during the Holidays, even if we do think more of lonely people during times of reveling. Life has given me a lot and I try to give back as much as I can”, says an obviously moved Louis Garneau.

This amount will help pay for work that needs to be done on the Friends of the Elderly cottage of Lac St-Joseph. This cottage started operating in 2005 and its goal is to enable isolated people adged 75 and more to enjoy some good times in one of the most beautiful sites in the Quebec City area. The activities organized there by the organization let lonely elderly people enjoy nature with volunteers who take good care of them.

Louis Garneau first got involved with the Friends of the Elderly organization approximately 15 years ago with well-known comedians such as Mrs. Juliette Huot and Messrs. Jean Besré and Paul Hébert. Louis Garneau supports the organization in several ways among which the donation of the profits generated by the annual Cyclosportive Garneau-Cascades. In 2012, the event will be held on August 12 and hopes to see as many as 2,000 participants, which would double the amount of the donation remitted every year to the Friends of the Elderly organization.

From left to right : Louis Garneau, President of Louis Garneau Sports and Pascal Fournier, Director of the Friends of the Elderly organization, Quebec Chapter.