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In the News

January 13, 2011


With the 2011 cycling season gearing to start, there are so many factors that make the launch of the Europcar Professional Cycling Team Custom Kit and Helmet an early victory.


Most notable is the fact that Louis Garneau is the only manufacturer on the pro racing scene providing both apparel and helmets to one team. This ability is significant in that time spent in windtunnels and studying body acceleration has been maximized to design both helmets and apparel that function and enhance aerodynamic performance. "This year, more than ever, we have a kit designed to exceed any standards on cycling apparel," remarks Pierre Perron, International Marketing Director.http://stage.louisgarneau.com/img/jersey.jpg

The study of wind resistance specific to a cyclist's position led to the design and technology of the Mondo Jersey. The re-engineered jersey has multipe zones and adaptive technology to correspond with airflow direction and penetration. Speed Tech shoulder panels reduce frontal pressure and cut wind resistance at the most strategic locations on a rider's body through a dimpled, textured fabric surface. Seam placement and panels have been precisely engineered to offer a streamlined impenetrable fit that improves human efficiency. The sleeves' Aero Lazer Band is laser-cut and seamless to reduce wind resistance, offer a second-skin feel, and provide a full range of motion. An underarm cooling zone of Power Mesh enhances comfort required so athletes remain competition focused.

The Louis Garneau Lazer Cut Bib is engineered with a laser-cut, seamless Aero Lazer band, which provides a second skin feel, smooth transition, and performance enabling muscle support. The 4Motion chamois's innovative design combines 3D preshaped wings and deep split at the back bridged by multidirectional motion and amazing comfort. Multi-thickness perforated high density foam maintains shape while offering moisture vaporization. Central channel shape relieves pressure from the urethra. This bib has been designed based on biomechanical studies of the cyclist's body and needs for comfort and performance.


The team will be riding a selection of Louis Garneau helmets this year including the Diamond, the Vorttice, and the Quartz. The Quartz sets itself apart with enormous ventilation channels made possible by the MSB technology (a monocoque structural base at the base of the helmet that reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection) and also by Composite Reinforcements that spread the shock of impacts, provide support, and are lightweight. The Patented Spiderlock Elite Retention, hailed as one of the best in the cycling industry, allows the user to adjust the helmet with only one hand to ensure safety while on the bike. It can be angle adjusted and also provided with ergonomic foam padding. Also notable is the Evacuation Channel technology. "When we build a helmet, we take into account airflow, since the heat of the rider's head must be evacuated in order to maintain performance. Moisture channels are designed to let the air in the front of the helmet flow through the helmet and exit at the back to efficiently keep the head cool," remarks Pierre Perron.