In the News

January 20, 2011


Louis Garneau is proud to announce the helmet sponsorship of pro triathlete, Samantha McGlone. Samantha McGlone has been racing professionally for 9 years. First as short course ITU athlete where she represented Canada at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004, then on to long course where she was the 2006 Ironman 70.3 World Champion and 2nd at the 2007 Ironman World Championships and 2007 IM 70.3 World Championships. She won Ironman Arizona in a new course record in 2009 and was US Pro Champion for Ironman 70.3 in Texas.

"I have been racing in the LG Superleggera for the past few seasons and it is the lightest, most comfortable aero helmet I have ever tried. For daily training and extra hot races like the Hawaii Ironman I use the Diamond - it's so light and well ventilated I forget it's even there! I am excited to be partnering with LG in 2011. Their years of research and attention to detail is evident in all of their products and makes them leaders in the industry," notes McGlone.

"The helmets we have on the market right now offer the most aerodynamic, lightweight, and ventilated options available for athletes. While we are unsure exactly which style McGlone will be racing in this year, we are working to get her riding with the new Vorttice and X-Lite helmets," remarks Pierre Perron, International Marketing Director for Louis Garneau.

The Vorttice helmet is a true revolution in aerodynamic helmets designed to be faster than the competition. Unlike any other aero helmet, proven dimpled technology at the front of the helmets causes air to flow closely to the helmet. When hitting the "Vortex Generator" at the top of the helmet, the air is accelerated again so it can glide along to the end of the helmet and eliminate air disturbances. The unique "air intake" situated at the highest pressure point on the helmet directs the air along the 3 "evacuation channels" keeping the rider cool and directing the flow of air through and out the helmet. When the cyclist is riding straight forward, the air must change direction to skirt around the helmet. This creates a high pressure zone in front of the helmet making it the perfect place to position the vent. Air goes in at high speed, moves around the head through internal evacuation channels and exits at the back opening. Heat produced by the cyclist's head is then wicked out through the back. Designed to improve aerodynamic performance, the Vorttice lens is ventilated and included with the helmet. The shape of the helmet, air intake system and vortex generator prove to be exceptional at managing winds from all directions allowing athletes to go faster while spending less energy.

The Louis Garneau X-Lite Helmet is the lightest helmet on the market without compromising the retention system. Through patent pending U-Bar technology, U-shaped ribs that are folded six times create a complex exoskeleton to reinforce the helmet's structure. A super lightweight helmet stabilizing device is fitted with the webbing system and can be fully adjusted using only one hand. Super MSB technology is a ring-shaped protection at the base of the helmet to reinforce the perimeter for enhanced protection. All of these details make the X-Lite helmet not only seconds saving, not only ultra light, but they make the helmet safe and do not compromise the need for protection.