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In the News

July 3, 2012


The design and fit of this jersey is clearly spot on based on feedback from the Team Europcar Professional Cycling Team.  Constructed of coldblack® Carbon Ion, the Team Europcar kit though in dark green will reflect heat and cool the rider as efficiently as if the kit was in white.  In addition, the coldblack® treatment also provides increased UV protection.  "We are excited to see coldblack®  textile technology from Schoeller being used in the Tour de France. Team Europcar will see great benefits from wearing coldblack®  as it offers reliable protection from UV rays and at the same time improves the cyclists' heat management. The Tour de France is a great place to put the technology to test," says Hans Kohn, COO of Schoeller Technologies. Embedded carbon fibers, which also help to reduce the overall weight of the jersey, prevent electric charges from settling on the body, thus avoiding a negative reaction on muscular contractility.  The carbon fibers also accelerate the movement of humidity through evaporation.  Strategically placed at the arms where the air will come in contact with the rider first is coldblack® Speedtech fabric.  Speedtech has a dimpled mesh construction that reduces aerodynamic drag and is designed to improve aerodynamics for speeds ranging from 15 to 45 mph.

Let's start with what's inside this short, first.  Team Europcar riders will ride the patented 5 Motion chamois.  This chamois is designed to provide multi-directional motions so common with Voeckler's trademark attacking moves.  By combining 3D preshaped wings with a bridged vented mesh split, the chamois adapts to the riders movements and positioning.  Mesh areas at the back and front wick moisture and prevent the moisture coming from the upper body to fill the chamois.  A carbon fiber bacteriostatic top layer wicks moisture and rids harming bacteria.  On the surface, a compressive fit is achieved by both fit and Lycra Power, a high performance compressive material.  Compression over the rider's legs is proven to enhance muscle support, increase blood flow, and reduce muscle soreness.  Treated with coldblack®, the fabric reflects heat and the fabric stays cool to the touch.  Laser Cut leg openings are produced by a cutting method using laser beams that eliminates fraying or  the need for a hem.  This hemless technology allows one layer technology that creates a smooth aerodynamic transition to the skin.