In the News

July 15, 2011


Louis Garneau has done it again. This time Louis Garneau will be introducing a new triathlon shoe, the Tri-300, which will surpass all existing triathlon shoe technology found on the market today. These shoes will serve as the second generation custom-fitting triathlon shoe from Louis Garneau expected to hit shelves in December 2011. 

A Power Flex Strap system is a vented offset positioned straps that extends from the inside arch to the outer tendons to secure placement and reduce pressure.  The strap is stiff and rubberized for quick and efficient transition. 

The Tri-300 offers a perfect fit for all riders through our 100% heat moldable using a home conventional oven.  

An Exo-Jet Carbon outsole with silver fibers to reflect heat and flexible carbon arch supports for comfort.

Detailing is perfected and allows you to shave seconds with a rear puller with reflector.  Our stiffest to date and super easy to grab rear pull hoop is anchored from the bottom of the heel for an efficient and quick pull-on.  The vertical opening is wide enough to accommodate two fingers and thumb.

Look for athletes Joe Gambles and Chris Legh to be wearing their Louis Garneau Tri-300 as they cross the Ironman 70.3 World Championship finish line in September!