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July 22, 2011


Some of the most innovative technology in the Louis Garneau Collection will appear on Team Europcar at Saturday's Tour de France Individual Time Trial.  Louis Garneau sponsors helmets and apparel to Team Europcar, and some riders, such as Thomas Voeckler are riding Louis Garneau shoes and optics.

On Saturday, Team Europcar will ride the Aero Skin which was developed specifically for time trials and aerodynamics.  The suit is designed with Speed Tech fabric that has a dimpled mesh construction to improve aerodynamics for speeds ranging from 25 to 70 km/h.  The fabric is also certified compressive and offers extreme ventilation.  The leg openings feature the Aero Lazer Band technology.  Engineered for aerodynamics, the single-piece band is laser-cut and hemless for a smooth aerodynamic transition from the fabric to the skin while also being muscle supportive and maintaining position. 

The Aero Skin is part of the Louis Garneau Custom Collection and can be designed with your team's graphics and logos.  The same technology will be implemented into the Vorttice Speed Suit which will be available at your local Louis Garneau Retailer in Early 2012.  MSRP: $ 249.99

Team Europcar will also be wearing the Louis Garneau Vorttice helmet.  The Vorttice debuted on the market this year and can also be seen on the heads of some of the world's best athletes including Current Ironman World Champion, Mirinda Carfrae.  The Vorttice helmet has a texturized surface on the front of the helmet similar to that of a golf ball.  This surface helps to achieve better laminar airflow.  Small blades at the top of the helmet create vortices that energize the laminar layer resulting in improved performance.

In order to avoid hindering aerodynamics, the vent opening must be strategically positioned.  When the cyclist is riding straight forward the air must change direction to skirt around the helmet.   This creates a high pressure zone in the front of the helmet, making it the perfect place to position the vent.  Air goes in at high speeds, moves around the head through the evacuation channels, and out by the back opening.  Heat produced by the cyclist's head is then wicked out through the back.  The internal padding features Ice-fil technology that converts sweat to a refrigerant to maintain optimum comfort. 

The Vorttice will be available in September 2011, and new for 2012, an all black version will be available in December 2011.  MSRP: $249.99 and $259.99 for the Black Knight version.