In the News

March 26, 2013


The 1st Annual Granfondo Garneau Florida ride presented by the Delray Beach Twilight Festival attracted approximately 700 participants to the 37 and 62 mile rides on Saturday, March 23, 2013. The event, which raised money for the sea turtle protection programs of the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, brought together riders of all abilities to create an epic cycling experience for the masses.

"Our goal was achieved this year. We reunited riders from all over who have one thing in common: their love of the bike. Organizing and participating in these events motivates me to pursue Garneau's mission of becoming the Cycling Solution and providing a complete gamut of cycling products for all cyclist levels. I was proud to ride alongside the hundreds of participants and hope to double the number of participants next year," said President and Founder, Louis Garneau.

Event organizer Chelsea Midlarsky founded the Delray Beach Twilight Festival last year. The event, which features a nocturnal criterium, draws over 150 pro riders. "I was impressed with Louis Garneau's participation and involvement. He really helped take the event to another level," Midlarsky declared at the end of the weekend.

The next in the series of events, the Granfondo Garneau - Cascades, takes place on August 11, 2013 in Quebec City. Louis wishes the Granfondo Florida to be the beginning of a series of many granfondos all around the world.