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May 14, 2012


Louis Garneau is happy to celebrate the inclusion of two sponsored athletes that qualified for the 2012 Olympic Selection Pool for men's road cycling in Canada.  Among the high profile list, which includes UCI ProTour athletes such as Ryder Hesjedal, Michael Barry, and Svein Tuft, stands out two athletes that are more than Louis Garneau sponsored athletes. They are two cyclists that are considered part of the Louis Garneau family.

The first of those athletes is David Veilleux.  David Veilleux, 4X U23 National Time Trial Champion and 2X U23 Road Race Champion, made his debut in pro cycling with the long-time Garneau sponsored Jittery Joe's Professional Cycling Team in 2007.  In 2011, Veilleux joined the roster of Team Europcar and has continued with the team for 2012.  Veilleux and Team Europcar are currently sponsored by Louis Garneau for helmets and apparel.  Veilleux is also sponsored by Garneau for shoes.  "David Veilleux began as a member of our development team, currently known as Garneau-Quebecor.  It is an honor to have worked with David from the time he was a promising young rider to today when he has qualified for the Olympic Selection Pool.  As a former Olympian myself, I am filled with a great deal of pride having two athletes from my personal development team selected," remarks Louis Garneau Sports President and Founder, Louis Garneau.

The second athlete is Bruno Langlois.  Bruno Langlois also debuted in the pro cycling scene with the Jittery Joe's Professional Cycling Team in 2005 and continued racing pro until 2011.  The 2-time Canadian National Champion medalist, currently rides for the Garneau-Quebecor Cycling Team but continues racing at a level that holds his place in the pro peloton. Langlois represents the only Amateur cyclist amongst the list of eleven men.  "I'm really proud to be qualified for the Canadian Olympic Selection Pool for London 2012. I have been training and racing my bike hard to be considered part of the best riders in the country. To be on this list of high level cyclists is for me a big achievement and a good reward for my hard work. I'm focusing on my next big races and will fight against the best to show them what I have in the legs.  Garneau-Quebecor team has been awesome support for me this year, always there to help me and provide me the best products to perform at the top level. I also have to thank my personal coach Paulo Saldanha, who always believed in me and who made a big difference in my physical preparation in the past few years", notes Bruno Langlois. 

As Official Apparel Sponsor of the Canadian Cycling Association, Louis Garneau will be outfitting the final selected athletes in cycling for London 2012 who will be announced on June 21st.