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November 16, 2012


Five members of the Garneau-Québecor road cycling team will be racing the 4th edition of the Tour of Rwanda from November 18 to 25, 2012.

Bruno Langlois, Rémi Pelletier-Roy, Jean-François Racine, as well as two members of Garneau-Québecor's West-Coast division, Tim Abercrombie and Jeff Werner will cover a total of 876 km during the 8 stages of the Tour. The Garneau-Québecor lineup will be racing alongside teams from the United States, France, and Belgium, in addition to various African squads.

Louis Garneau is particularly touched by the plight of the young Rwandan athletes who make up Team Rwanda's roster. They went from surviving the horrors of the 1994 genocide to having hope and excelling through their athletic ambitions. "The members of Garneau-Québecor are not only going to gain additional racing experience; they will also have the chance to be a real part the cycling frenzy that has reached Africa in the past several years.", says President and Founder, Louis Garneau. Garneau will also travel to Africa to cheer his athletes on during the final stages of the Tour of Rwanda. He added, "Without a doubt, it will be a life enriching experience for each one of them."

The Tour of Rwanda, which is categorized as a UCI 2.2 event, is becoming ever more popular. Cycling has been developing with unrelenting momentum in Rwanda. It has now become the most popular sport in the country,surpassing even soccer.

Louis Garneau Sports has been supporting Team Rwanda for the past several years. Team Rwanda is a project that allows a group of Rwandan athletes to be a part of a cycling team that enables them to train and represent themselves and their country, while raising awareness concerning Rwanda's situation. The support that Team Rwanda receives through donations, along with the athlete's intense enthusiasm, will make their dream of competing around the globe a reality.