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Chamois - 5Motion

5Motion - Men

5Motion - Women

Chamois - 5 Motion Men (Chamois_5_Motion_Men_320x250.jpg) Chamois - 5 Motion Women (Chamois_5_Motion_Women_320x250.jpg)


The innovative 5Motion design combines 3D preshaped wings and a deep split at the back bridged by vented mesh to allow for multidirectional motion and amazing comfort.
Developed with the B.E.M. (Beveled Edge Molding) high-density perforated memory foam. This technology eliminates drastic drops of heights from one area to the other, resulting in a smooth transition, no pinching points and no chafing.
Mesh area at the front adapts to the body for increased comfort and moisture wicking.
Multi-thickness perforated high-density foam for better moisture evacuation.
The top sheet contains carbon fibers and has high-tech bacteriostatic properties.
Central channel shaped to relieve pressure from the urethra
(men only).
Louis Garneau patended ergonomic shape.
International patent pending..