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Chamois - Airgel

Airgel - Men

Airgel - Women

airgel_men_large.jpg (airgel_men_large.jpg) airgel_women_large.jpg (airgel_women_large.jpg)


Most comfortable chamois.
Long rides/races - all day on the saddle.
Crabyon fabric - excellent for sensitive skin - accelerates wound healing.
Perforated gel inserts - comfortable and breathable.
Long-term antibacterial properties.
Patent #6,393,618


Fabric used in the practice of medicine.
Antibacterial, completely biodegradable, and allergy-tested.
Accelerates wound healing.
Can be applied on burns and helps tissues regeneration.
Enhances the body's immunity to disease.
Lowers high blood pressure.
Wicks moisture.
Allows slow and steady release of chamois lotion maximizing its efficiency.