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Product Care

Textile Care

Following the simple rules below will help ensure the longevity of your garments performance:

  1. Read the care label
    The first step towards a proper care is knowing your garment's limitation.
    On the inside of every Louis Garneau garment you can find a care label that will instruct you the proper way of taking care of this particular garment. Make sure to follow those instructions properly. Please remember that in any case, all zippers should be closed before wash.
  2. Use detergent with no bleach or additives
    Never use any detergent or stain remover with bleach or additives. Even a small amount of bleach will risk the deterioration of the fabric. And the use of additives may leave surfactants behind on a fabric's fibers that inhibit some of the technical performance. The best rule to follow in the case of detergent selection is the simpler the better. Selecting a detergent with keyword "Clear" or "Free" in their names is suggested Don't pour the detergent directly onto the clothing; pour in the washer first when you start the water.
  3. Drying recommendation
    For most of Louis Garneau garment, it’s mostly recommended to hang the garment for drying.

Helmet Care

Helmets may be seriously damaged by substances such as gasoline, paint, adhesives, or detergent products. Exposing your helmet to such substances will automatically void the warranty.  We recommend that nothing be added to your helmet, except what is provided upon purchase of the helmet.  The plastic shell may be washed in lukewarm water using mild soap.  Pads are hand washable and may be replaced.  Extreme temperature conditions may damage the helmet.  Do not leave it in your car or in any other places where such conditions exist.  Small lumps may appear on the surface of some helmets due to excessive heat exposure, causing an uneven or bumpy outer layer.  Should this occur, even at a minor extent, it is recommended to destory the helmet.