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Lightweight: The Boa Closure System weighs up to 2/3 less than other cycling shoe closures.

Glove-like fit: Boa provides custom comfort with smooth even closure with no pressure points.

On-the-fly: Get easy, one-handed micro-adjustments with a quick turn of the Boa dial.

Micro-adjustability: The Boa reel offers infinite degrees of fine-tuning.

Powerful closure:Once locked into place, Boa reels and laces stay that way.

Durable:Made from aircraft-grade stainless steel, Boa laces are stronger per gram than tank armor.

Fast quick-on, quick-off:BOA saves time when seconds count.

Louis Garneau patented air channel system prevents overheating during hot rides. Redesigned with new high-technology CARBON HM thinner and stronger, in order to save weight. US Pat. No. 7,533,475

Internal polymer system secures the foot in place, optimizes fit, and reduces loss of power through slippage

Moisture control technology reacts to perspiration and converts to a refrigerant to keep your feet cool and dry.

HRS-300 reinforced injected nylon:
Secures the heel in place, optimizes fit and reduces loss of power from slippage.

BOA L5 double rail quick attach system: Quick attach, distributed pressure and ultra light.


Cool Stuff blue double density EVA and Hot Stuff red antibackterial insoles. Patented system for riding in all weather condiitons.


CAD$ 349.99

1487179Item is available.


The Course 2LS shoe fits perfectly, increases comfort, reduces weight, improves power transfer, operates fast, and provides long-lasting durability. The Boa Closure System “dials-in” to a more precise fit by evenly distributing pressure and reducing pressure points. The Boa reel system offers infinite degrees of fine-tuning and with dual reels on the Course 2LS shoe, varying amounts of security and tension can be provided by individual dials to the cuneiform bones and metatarsal bones. The Course 2LS Shoe has a patented multi-vent system that intakes air via vents in the sole, channels airflow through the sole of the shoe via two internal channels, and evacuates the air through another vent in the sole. The Ex0-Jet Carbon Outsole is constructed of hot melt carbon which means that the carbon fibers used have been further processed making them not only lighter but thinner. For the end user, this creates a shoe that is lighter, stronger and closer to the pedal. Increased power transfer is achieved not only through the Carbon HM outsole but the HRS-300 system. This system has a heel that is injected with nylon. Injected nylon is an amazingly resistant material that has an extremely low coefficient of friction so it perfectly secures the heel in place, optimizes fit, and reduces loss of power from slippage. The seamless microfiber upper is ventilated with the use of steel mesh.

Innovation Prevails.

Every aspect is designed and engineered to improve comfort and performance,including premium materials, anatomical designs and race-developed technology.

Close to the foot for increased sensation and power transfer.

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