Protection UPS/SPF - 50

Coldblack® finish allows the heat to be reflected unlike common dark textiles, which absorb heat, allowing the wearer to avoid overheating even during physical activity.


CAD$ 179.99

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The Course Superleggera jersey combines extraordinary lightness and optimal breathability. At the chest, Mesh 1001 ensures extreme ventilation and moisture wicking, keeping you cool and dry in warmer conditions. The body is made with coldblack® Mondo which reflects heat and has the unique ability to stretch and recover its shape, providing a perfect aerodynamic next-to-skin fit.

The coveted essential elements of any cyclist whose passion fringes lunacy. A cohesive blend of second skin fit, new era styling, versatile materials, and focused technology. Apparel whose conceptual advances and fabric performance through researched biological considerations. Define yourself by stepping into the psyche of a pro.