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This patented technology (D541,705) uses strategically placed reinforcement ribs that act as an exoskeleton on the frame to increase stiffness of key areas without compromising comfort.

By joining the members of the rear end of the frame together we can provide good torsion resistance to ease the power transfer and offer a smooth ride by making the whole rear triangle channel the vibrations.

Front triangle, chain stays and seat stays are all molded as an independent monocoque section, and are then bonded together to create a complete structure.


CAD$ 1,899.99

4303071Not available online.

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"Carbon race performance merged with all-day riding comfort"

Developed for serious riders who strive to ride longer and faster. Taller head tube places the rider in a more upright position to reduce muscle fatigue, improve oxygen intake and attenuate tension on lower back and neck. Longer wheelbase adds stability and fluidity for greater control and comfort.

Innovation Prevails.

Every aspect is designed and engineered to improve comfort and performance,including premium materials, anatomical designs and race-developed technology.

Designed specifically for women.