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Brake and shifter cables are all internal, away from contamination, for crisp shifting and a cleaner look. Removable cable stop insert allows for seamless Shimano electronic Di2 integration.

Gennix Uni-T fork utilizes an oversized step crown design to create a smoother carbon fibre transition from steerer to crown that both increases strength and stiffness for greater steering precision.

By moving bearings inside a wider 86.5mm shell, we have created a massive junction that increases lateral stiffness while minimizing weight. Bottom bracket shell and chain stays are molded into a single carbon unit to strengthen critical areas, all in the goal of providing unprecedented power transfer.

Carbon nanotubes have been added to the carbon-resin matrix, creating microbonds between the carbon layers. This greatly improves impact resistance and structural integrity of the frame.

By analyzing function and mechanical constraints of each part of the frame, our engineers have carefully selected different types of carbon fibre, varying in stiffness and strength, to assemble our frame. These fibres are precisely positioned to increase stiffness, comfort or durability. While Gennix R1 and R2 share similar feel and stiffness, the use of UHM ultra high modulus carbon in key areas reduces the frame weight by more than 10%.

By combining several design elements, we are able to create a surprisingly comfortable ride. The W.A.V.E technology joins the chain stay and seat stays in a continued curve to channel and minimize vibrations without sacrificing power transfer. Vertical compliance is significantly increased by the combination of our integrated seat collar and small diameter seat post.

Our advanced multi-monocoque technology increases molding precision by separating the frame into several substructures to allow more complex shapes. Internal polyurethane molds are used to ensure maximum compaction between layers, thus eliminating the possibility of voids. This enables our engineers to remove any excess materials and create a stronger structure with less weight.

This patented technology (D541,705) uses strategically placed reinforcement ribs that act as an exoskeleton on the frame to increase stiffness of key areas without compromising comfort.


CAD$ 7,699.99

3303065Not available online.

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"The highest performance and most technical race bike we’ve ever designed." Designed with competitive cycling in mind, it allows for a lower body position for improved aerodynamics and efficiency. Short wheelbase and quick handling provide the manoeuvrability to rise out of the pack.

Innovation Prevails.

Every aspect is designed and engineered to improve comfort and performance,including premium materials, anatomical designs and race-developed technology.

This bike is available for our DreamFactory Custom Paint Program.
In our factory, in a distinctive location, your dream bike can become a reality.
More options, more colors, more quality

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