Allows you to compress the inside gear and prevent inside movement.

Easy to install anti-slip rubber puller. Prevents fabric from breaking around the seat post.

Adapted for all types of rails for any position of bag under the saddle. Allows more backward or forward saddle for micro positioning.

Total capacity.

The zipper is sealed for extra protection.

Reflective logos provide safety during dawn or dusk.



CAD$ 15.99

1493995Not available online.

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Saddle bags might seem like more of a detail than a necessity, but when they function and adapt, they can make or break a ride. The Mini X-Race is perfectly sized, able to carry spare tubes and other ride practicalities. Seam sealed zipper, attachment for an LED light, and reflective markings are just some of the features this bag has to offer. What sets this bag apart from others is how it attaches to the saddle. The Mini X-Race can be adapted to all types of saddle rails and seat posts. This saddle bag comes with 2 adjustable rubber bands which could be replaced to be adapted from 28mm seat post up to 80mm aero seat post. In addition, its position can be adjusted and angled so that it doesn’t interfere with pedaling or other obstructions. An easy-to-install rubber puller attaches to the seat post and secures placement and eliminates slipping. Because it is rubber, it isn’t abrasive against your lycra shorts. The bag also features a retention strap which allows you to compress the inside gear and prevent movement of tools and other items you may carry.

Designed with technology specific to road cycling.

Designed with technology specific to triathlon competition and training.