Designed for extremely cold weather, this base layer offers and extreme level of warmth.

ZONE 1 :  Protecting zone worn directly on the skin to allow a direct insulation and to manage the wicking of the remaining moisture caused by body sweat. As it has a direct contact with the skin, it will retain odors and bacteria. This protecting layer hs a great impact on body temperature thermoregulation.
ZONE 2 : Significant zone for thermal insulation during extreme cold weather. It creates an insulating layer of air to retain body heat. Certain base layers can mix their insulating properties with comfort on the skin in combining zone 1 and 2.
ZONE 3 : Direct protection against wind, rain, and cold. Also called “Shell”, this layer has as a main purpose to protect the underneath layers against outdoor elements.


CAD$ 89.99

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Technical fabric that can be worn as a first layer, the Drytex 6000 has a brushed inside, which creates a thick insulating layer of air to retain body heat. Its treatment enhances moisture wicking. Lycra content and stretchy flatlock seams provide a great ease of movement and maximum comfort. The Huggfit waist provides better abdomen support and an even distribution of pressure around the waist.

Base layer designed with technology to improve performance, manage temperature, and transfer moisture.

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