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Maintains the heel in place during power stroke, thus maximizing power transfer. HRS-90 : Retention system with a 0.4-mm membrane which provides good support and comfort without sacrificing performance.


CAD$ 249.99

CAD$ 149.99

1487062CItem is available.


We started talking about power one day with our sponsored riders. For years, we perfected ventilation in our shoes, but realized the importance of power. Since the shoe is the closest thing to the pedal and maximizing power in that location achieves the ultimate tool to transmit power to your rear wheel. This shoe defines power and represents a new standard in road cycling performance.

The coveted essential elements of any cyclist whose passion fringes lunacy. A cohesive blend of second skin fit, new era styling, versatile materials, and focused technology. Apparel whose conceptual advances and fabric performance through researched biological considerations. Define yourself by stepping into the psyche of a pro.