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This series of frames are made of high quality six thousand series lightweight aluminum alloy tubing. Carefully tig-welded, they endure two subsequent heat treatments, dramatically strenghtening the alloy and releasing residual stress from welding. Each frame is then precisely hand-aligned and checked for quality on a jig to make sure it delivers flawless handling.

High pressure hydraulic molding technique allowing tube shape manipulation in order to achieve specific structural characteristics. This process makes it possible to fine-tune each bike’s level of stiffness, comfort and lightness depending on usage requirements.


CAD$ 399.99

4302022Not available online.

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"Casual platform for recreational use"

Designed to provide versatility in fit preferences to a broad range of cyclists with its casual, non-constraining geometry and adjustable stem angle. Ergonomic rider's contact points prevent discomfort on longer rides.

Designed specifically for women.