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To optimize aerodynamics, air must circulate inside as well as outside the helmet. The « aero » cage was thus designed in order to let the air flow in without restriction. The evacuation channels then guide the air to the back of the helmet.

Internal frame system reinforces the helmet’s structure and enables huge vents to be created without jeopardizing protection.

Helmet stabilizing system featuring a polymer neck support. It can be easily tightened on the head using only one hand, thanks to its dented anti-slip wheel. Its inclination can be adjusted to several positions.

Wind-tunnel (CFD) software enabled us to test the aerodynamic performances of several helmets on the market. Our analysis determined that it was possible to create a helmet offering a highly superior performance by optimizing its frontal surface (the surface of the helmet which faces the wind). We therefore designed the helmet directly on the head of a rider in a cycling position. The result is a helmet which follows the shape of the head without excess of material at the back, allowing a better air evacuation, from the front of the helmet to the cyclist’s back. In order to reduce the high pressure zone in front of the helmet (in red on the image) each opening was designed in order to optimize the passage of the air inside the helmet. This air which provides a resistance to the cyclist is then pushed inside the helmet, circulates in the evacuation channels and is then ejected to the back of the helmet at the same time as the heat released by the cyclist’s head. The development of this technique stems from several tests performed during the design of the Vorttice helmet.

Super MSB Technology
Ring-shaped plastic protection at the base of the helmet reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection.

Evacuation channels: Moisture evacuation channels provide better airflow and moisture wicking.

Alphamantis’ innovative Track Aero System (TAS) is cutting edge technology that allows real-time testing of aerodynamic efficiency while riding. This industry-changing technology brings wind tunnel to the real world. The system allows us to measure a rider’s CdA (coefficient of drag) while he/she rides and enables us to conclusively measure the effects of even the smallest details on the equipment design, ultimately improving the performance of our apparel and equipment. 

(USA: 7,114,197)
This precise rack-and-pinion mechanism is independent from the strap system and can be easily tightened on the head using only one hand for a perfect fit around the head and to keep the helmet in place.

Quick-drying antimicrobial material that inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria. Its ergonomic design gives you optimum comfort.


CAD$ 239.99

1405261Item is available.


The Course Helmet bridges aerodynamics and ventilation for a practical solution for everyday cyclists. By superiorly achieving the utmost in aerodynamics, ventilation, comfort, safety, and design, the Course Helmet is for sure, a winner. Computational Fluid Dynamics Software enabled us to simulate the aerodynamic performance of several helmets on the market. Our analysis determined that it was possible to optimize performance by maximizing the frontal surface of the helmet. In order to reduce this highest pressure zone on the helmet, the front, frontal openings were designed to optimize air follow and evacuate air internally to the back of the helmet. An aerodynamically designed inner-nerve system molded inside of the EPS liner to force air inside the helmet, circulate the rider's head, and evacuate to through the back of the helmet. Internally molded evacuation channels move the airflow, cool the head, and eliminate moisture. The Course Helmet was designed directly on the head of a rider in a cycling position, so it naturally adapts to the contour of the human head without excess material.

"Given the fantastic venting, though, this would be our number one choice if your summertime riding regularly includes ultra-hot and humid weather." ~ www.bikeradar.com

Designed with technology specific to road cycling.

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