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Selected for its capacity to minimize flexion when pedaling and sustain hard impacts at the front-end thanks to its inverted section profiles, this hydroformed tubing ensures an efficient and long-lasting frame.

Internal headsets have pressed-in cups that allow for a lower stack height, a cleaner look, and the possibility to use a bigger downtube in order to increase frame torsional rigidity and overall strength.

quality six thousand series lightweight aluminum alloy tubing. Carefully tig-welded, they endure two subsequent heat treatments, dramatically strenghtening the alloy and releasing residual stress from welding. Each frame is then precisely hand-aligned and checked for quality on a jig to make sure it delivers flawless handling.


CAD$ 599.99

3304178Not available online.

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"All around ride that can hit the trails." Designed to fit a broad range of cyclists with its casual, non-constraining geometry on a wide frame size range offer.