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Combining a small diameter seat post and really thin seat stays using lower modulus carbon fibre, we are able to accentuate vertical flex to absorb more vibrations for a smoother ride.

Combines the low gearing of a standard triple crank with the efficient and precise shifting of a double crank, to help you tackle the steepest hills without sacrificing top end speed.

By analyzing the impact of the water bottle on the frame’s aerodynamics, we’ve developed a tube profile that helps deflect the airflow around the bottle, thus improving efficiency. Fork and head tube use a modified fluid flow profile developed for the Gennix T series to further improve aerodynamics, which lets you save energy.

Front triangle is molded as a single piece and then bonded to the rear triangle after moulding, ensuring good structural integrity. Inner polyurethane molds are used in junction areas to minimize overlapping of the carbon fibres and ensure ease of fabrication. By providing higher compaction, they allow us to create a lighter and stronger frame.

By integrating the bottom bracket cups inside the frame, we were able to create a massive bottom bracket and chain stay junction, significantly reducing power loss during acceleration.

Brake and shifter cables are all internal, away from contamination, for crisp shifting and a cleaner look. Removable cable stop insert allows for seamless Shimano electronic Di2 integration.

Combining aerodynamics and steering precision, ultra narrow blade profile reduces drag, while 1 ¼” oversized step crown increases strength and stiffness for greater steering precision without sacrificing comfort.

By analyzing function and mechanical constraints of each part of the frame, our engineers have carefully selected different types of carbon fibres, varying stiffness and strength, to assemble our frame. These fibres are precisely positioned to increase stiffness, comfort and durability. For the Gennix E series, high modulus fibres are used through the down tube and BB to increase stiffness and improve power transfer and handling, while the seat stays are mostly composed of more flexible high strength type carbon to absorb more vibrations.


CAD$ 2,849.99

3303068Not available online.

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"Pro-level technology pushing you to ride longer, faster, better." Developed for serious riders who strive to ride longer and faster. Taller head tube places the rider in a more upright position to reduce muscle fatigue, improve oxygen intake and attenuate tension on lower back and neck. Longer wheelbase adds stability and fluidity for greater control and comfort. 

This bike is available for our DreamFactory Custom Paint Program.
In our factory, in a distinctive location, your dream bike can become a reality.
More options, more colors, more quality

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