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Spiderlock Elite is a helmet stabilizing device separated from the webbing system. It offers quick and easy adjustment on the rider's head owing to its rack-and-pinion mechanism using only one hand. Rubber-covered anti-slip adjusting wheel for easy use. Angle can be adjusted. Ergonomic foam padding for optimum comfort to the neck area.


CAD$ 159.99

CAD$ 95.99

1405836CItem is available.


A new texturized front area simulating a golf ball effect creates a better laminar flow. The overall weight reduction and a forward move of the center of gravity will create less fatigue at the neck area in an aero position allowing the rider to maintain the aero position for a longer period of time and prevents the low head drag. The helmet is also equipped with 2 huge front vent inlets and 3 large back vent outlets for maximum airflow without compromising aerodynamics. The Superleggera is the featherweight of helmets, and is so light you forget you are wearing it. With the notable Spiderlock® Elite Retention System which uses a rack and pinion mechanism for quick and accurate adjustment using only one hand.

Designed with technology specific to triathlon competition and training.

Designed with technology specific to road cycling.