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Chamois - Motion Airgel

Motion AirGel - Men

Motion AirGel - Women

MOTION AIRGEL MEN LARGE (Motion_AirGel_men_lrg.jpg) MOTION AIRGEL WOMEN LARGE (Motion_AirGel_women_lrg.jpg)
Made with CUPRON fabric
The copper content of Cupron fabric helps reduce irritation to the skin, provides antimicrobial properties, can help promote wound healing and provides anti-allergen properties.
Long-lasting effect throughout the life of the product.
Comfortable chamois, ideal for long rides.
Perforated gel inserts offer comfort and breathability.
Multi-thickness perforated high-density foam for better moisture evacuation.
Long-term antibacterial properties.
Vents at the front help maintain breathability without sacrificing comfort.
Central channel shaped to relieve pressure from the urethra(men only).
A deep slit an the back is bridged by vented mesh to allow for multidirectional motion and amazing comfort.
Developed with B.E.M. (Beveled Edge Molding) high-density perforated memory foam. This technology eliminates drastic drops of heights from one area to the other, resulting in a smooth transition without pinching points to eliminate chafing.
Louis Garneau patented ergonomic shape. International patent pending.

MOTION AIRGEL MEN ARTICULATED (articulated_chamois_motion_airgel.png)

Articulated chamois

Beveled Edge Molding
MOTION AIRGEL MEN BEVELED (beveled_motionAirgel.png)
High-density perforated memory foam amd gel