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Coldblack® finish allows the heat to be reflected unlike common dark textiles, which absorb heat, allowing the wearer to avoid overheating even during physical activity.


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If you put long hours in the saddle, the CB Carbon Shorts will offer the comfort and performance you need. The CB Carbon + LYCRA® fiber side panels are treated with coldblack® that reflects heat to reduce the surface temperature of the fabric. The coldblack® treatment also offers extreme UV protection. The perforated Airgel® chamois has gel inserts that provide comfort without pooling moisture and a top layer fabric that assists in wound healing.

There is  a cult in cycling. A spawning of athletes unwilling to put their bikes up for the season. Their lives co-exist with riding come rain or come shine. Their needs require details woven with simplicity. A pratical approach for a relentless breed of riders.