Offers balance between moisture management and a moderate level of warmth


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The Oslo Tights are a must-have for any athlete.  These tights are versatile for biking, running, or any outdoor fitness activity in cold weather.  Heatmaxx fabric is soft on the skin and provides the perfect amount of insulation without compromising moisture wicking or comfort.  Reflective logos and arrows offer safety in the early morning or evening.

In our corner of the world, snow prohibits us from cycling throughout the year, so when the deep snow falls we swap our bikes for skis and participate in the most difficult endurance sport known to man.

On days when others let their cars idle, you run. On days when others rush from the car to the office gripping umbrellas, you run, On days when you can't tell the brand of your sneaker because they are caked with mud, we run with you. Throughout the seasons, Louis Garneau has your back even when running doesn't seem like an option.