Offers balance between moisture management and a moderate level of warmth


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The Course Elite Bib are the ultimate performance tights for colder temperatures. The combination of Super Light Dry and HeatMaxx fabrics provides protection against wind and water as well as heat retention, while the combination of Carbon-X Mesh and Power Mesh provides muscle compression and support, flexibility, breathability and incomparable comfort. The stretch trim on the bib straps, 4"/10 cm comfort zip for fast and easy pits stops, and the 7"/18 cm ankle zips for easy removal make them convenient and even more comfortable.    

The coveted essential elements of any cyclist whose passion fringes lunacy. A cohesive blend of second skin fit, new era styling, versatile materials, and focused technology. Apparel whose conceptual advances and fabric performance through researched biological considerations. Define yourself by stepping into the psyche of a pro.