SPIDERLOCK SL2 is a helmet stabilizing device separated from the webbing system. Its mechanism is alike the Spiderlock Elite’s, but an engineering process has been performed to reduce significantly the weight of the helmet. This way, we have built very comfortable helmets with lower weight. It may be tightened around the rider’s head with only one hand thanks to its rack-and-pinion mechanism. The angle can be adjusted. Ergonomic foam padding for optimum comfort at the neck area.

Exo-Nerv acts like an exoskeleton; it provides support and protection without adding weight.

When we build a helmet, we take into account airflow since the heat of the rider's head must be evacuated in order to keep a good performance. Moisture channels are designed to let the air in at the front of the helmet through to the back to efficiently keep the head cool.

Internal frame system reinforcing the helmet’s structure. Less restricted design providing enhanced ventilation without jeopardizing protection.


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Great entry-level road helmet is available in men's and women's versions. Exo-Nerv technology and In-Mold Construction make the Versa helmet extremely safe. Spiderlock« Elite System allows you to adjust the helmet's fit using one hand.

Designed with technology specific to road cycling.

With safety in mind, women - specific helmet properly fit the unique structure of a woman's body.