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Small and light cam-locking device to quickly adjust strap position.

Helmet stabilizing system featuring a polymer neck support. It can be easily tightened on the head using only one hand, thanks to its dented anti-slip wheel. Its inclination can be adjusted to several positions.

Quick-drying antimicrobial material that inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria. Its ergonomic design gives you optimum comfort.


1405247Not available online.


40 vents! Yes, 40! 40 vents including 8 front Venturi Vents for maximum ventilation.
40 vents, 285 g and it still surpasses safety standards, how did we do it? With our own patented Super MSB (Monocoque Structural Base) and EXI technologies. The monocoque polycarbonate base acts like an exo-skeleton providing more than a fashion statement or protection against abrasion for the base of the helmet: it is one of the strongest ways to achieve structural strength. Instead of using internal rib cages which add more weight and limit the number of vents, we used Super MSB and EXI technologies in conjunction. This consists of 2 polycarbonate bars placed inside the helmet at specific structural location and 9 carbon bridge inserts which provide the strength exactly where it is needed. The result: more vents, less weight.

Designed with technology specific to road cycling.