Biochromik Technology

The molecular structure of the silver halide molecules embedded in the lenses changes when exposed to UV rays. The lens tint therefore varies automatically in response to light intensity within a 10-second period.

Lite Vent

Vented lenses allow a better airflow to minimize fogging.

Hi-Tech TR-90 Grilamid

TR-90 nylon frame is impact resistant, very lightweight, flexible in a wide range of temperatures, and hyper durable on top of offering exceptional resistance to sunscreens. It goes beyond expectations.


1490171Not available online.


The Javelin Biochromik Optics adjust to varying light with vented lenses and frames so you avoid overheating and fogging. 

Designed with technology specific to road cycling.

It spits in your face, it steals your breath, it sends shivers down your spine. Mother Nature is relentless. But even in extreme weather conditions, you are focused on the ride because of cutting edge technology that stands the test of any cold weather warrior. Inspired by the will and the freedom that only exist on the singletrack trodden mountain bike trails slick with mud and resounding the spiritual meditation between you and the outdoors.

Designed with technology specific to triathlon competition and training.