Offers a balance between moisture management and a moderate level of warmth. Also provides a barrier against wind and a water protection.


1083074Not available online.


Wind Dry SL is the perfect bootie for cold wind protection and thermal insulation. Velcro closures are easy to adjust and take on and off.

Designed with technology specific to road cycling.

You are the source of change. A legendary social movement fueled by bio-power and the knowledge that green is not a color it is lifestyle. For you we've designed a line that factors protection, performance, comfort, weather, and safety whether you are commuting cruising of conserving.

It spits in your face, it steals your breath, it sends shivers down your spine. Mother Nature is relentless. But even in extreme weather conditions, you are focused on the ride because of cutting edge technology that stands the test of any cold weather warrior. Inspired by the will and the freedom that only exist on the singletrack trodden mountain bike trails slick with mud and resounding the spiritual meditation between you and the outdoors.

Adequate insulating protection for cool weather rides.