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Even on mild days, you still want to protect your hands and feet, but you also need to manage moisture and avoid overheating.  On chilly days, you can usually rely on mere coverage and breathability to keep moisture out.

Reflective accents promote safety and visibility to traffic when riding and training.


It’s a fact. The wetter you get, the greater chance of getting cold. But you sweat in the rain too. We created the ultimate wet-weather protection that lets you submerge yourself in foul weather worry-free without winding up wet on the inside.


No cyclist likes wind. Double the output and half the speed. So strategic wind blocking, form-fitting, and breathability are must-have features to help you slice through the wind, stay warm, and stay dry.


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These shoe covers' name says it all: the H20 Extreme are perfect for cold, wet weather. Made with polyurethane laminated with fleece and 3 mm neoprene SBR, and featuring neoprene cuffs and sealed tape on seams, these shoe covers are sure to keep your feet warm and dry. The side opening and under sole fastener with velcro provide a good fit that's easy to pull on, and the reinforced kevlar under sole with cleat openings provides better durability.