Compression of muscles and tissue during training is fundamental to improve blood flow and optimize oxygenation. The process of creating energy in muscles and the focus of that energy is improved through these means, resulting in enhanced performance potential.

Recovery is accelerated when lactic acid and carbon dioxide buildup is eliminated and increases venous return.  Reduction of swelling, the body’s natural response to damage, is also minimized.

This fabric, made of Celliant®, has the capacity of increasing oxygen levels in the body by an average of 7%.
This fabric can improve circulation, increase oxygen levels in the tissues and reduce the recovery time.
The Celliant® starts to work immediately and its effect can also increase with longer usage.
This fabric has a UPF/SPF 50.
Stretchy knit: 43% nylon, 40% Celliant® and 17% Lycra® certified by Invista™
297 g/m2, 8.75 oz/sq yd.
Like all knits, it is recommended to avoid abrasive materials and surfaces.



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The S-Compression socks compress muscles and tissue during training to improve blood flow and optimize oxygenation. 

Designed with compressive properties to increase blood flow, reduce swelling, and assist in muscle recovery.