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Internal frame system reinforcing the helmet's structure. Less restricted design providing enhanced ventilation without jeopardizing protection.

Inner composite-made frame which spreads the shock of impacts. It provides support and protection while being lightweight.

Highly inspired by the Exo-Nerv, the plastic shell creates U-shaped grooves, which act like a complex exoskeleton, strengthening the structure of the helmet.

Massive vents create unprecedented low speed ventilation, moisture evacuation, and cooling

Spiderlock SL is a helmet stabilizing device that perfectly fits in with the webbing system. Its mechanism is alike the Spiderlock Elite's, but an engineering process has been performed to reduce significantly the weight of the helmet. This way, we have built very comfortable helmets with lower weight. It may be tightened around the rider's head with only one hand thanks to its rack-and-pinion mechanism. The angle can be adjusted. Ergonomic foam padding for optimum comfort at the neck area.

So light that this rack-and-pinion system can be adjusted or removed to stabilize the helmet around the head. It is provided with an ergonomic foam padding.

(USA: 7,114,197)
This precise rack-and-pinion mechanism is independent from the strap system and can be easily tightened on the head using only one hand for a perfect fit around the head and to keep the helmet in place.


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The plastic shell of the Edge helmet is made with U-shaped ribs that are folded six times to reinforce the helmet structure. Massive vents create unprecedented low speed ventilation, moisture evacuation, and cooling required of mountain bike helmets. Internal frame system enables the huge vents to be created without jeopardizing protection. 

Unrivalled off-road performance ideal for technical handling, adaptability to varying terrain, ventilation for high-energy outputs and durability.