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Speedtech upper hand, lazer-cut fingers and seamless extra-long cuff designed to maximize aerodynamics.

Oversized Ergo Air concept designed to increase ventilation and improve overall fit.

Patented Biogel1 Perforated Progressive Padding: Reduces pressure on the ulnar and median nerves. Absorbs vibrations and reduces risks of hand injuries. Increases ventilation.


1481115Not available online.


The Vorttice Glove has an aerodynamic seamless construction achieved by using SpeedTech fabric, the most aerodynamic fabric on the market, lazer-cut finger, and a seamless extra-long cuff. Oversized Ergo Air Concept at the palms is designed to increase ventilation and improve overall fit.

The coveted essential elements of any cyclist whose passion fringes lunacy. A cohesive blend of second skin fit, new era styling, versatile materials, and focused technology. Apparel whose conceptual advances and fabric performance through researched biological considerations. Define yourself by stepping into the psyche of a pro.