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Evacuated palm moisture and contributes to stabilize hand temperature. Light palm vent areas designed to improve moisture evacuation

Patented progressive padding with molded silicone
Reduces pressure on the ulnar and median nerves absorbs vibrations and reduces risks of hand injury, enhances ventilation.

Coldblack® finish allows the heat to be reflected unlike common dark textiles, which absorb heat, allowing the wearer to avoid overheating even during physical activity.


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The Course 2 gloves are designed to provide optimal comfort through cutting-edge technologies. The upper hand fabric is treated with coldblack®, a finish that reflects heat, unlike common dark textiles, so the fabric stays cool to prevent overheating even during physical activity. Laser-cut fingers and a fused wrist eliminate stitching for a seamless comfort without chafing. In the palm, a patented progressive vented padding reduces pressure and absorbs vibrations while maximizing ventilation and enhancing comfort and handlebar feel thanks to the seamless molded silicone. The Ergo Air® X-shaped ventilation provides an optimal airflow to the hand and reduces bunching, and silicone prints increase grip and stability.

Innovation Prevails.

Every aspect is designed and engineered to improve comfort and performance,including premium materials, anatomical designs and race-developed technology.