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Not only are extremities the first to get cold, hands and feet actually impact core body temperature.  And we all know that when our hands or feet are cold, we suffer.  Adequate skin coverage, thermal regulation and insulation are important, but flexibility and dexterity also need to be controlled to eliminate bunching, chafing and movement restriction.


It’s a fact. The wetter you get, the greater chance of getting cold. But you sweat in the rain too. We created the ultimate wet-weather protection that lets you submerge yourself in foul weather worry-free without winding up wet on the inside.

Insulation Index - Heavy

Moisture Transfer - Medium


1482232Not available online.


The Monsoon gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and dry thanks to their impermeability and sealed seams. Perfect for fall cycling, they are preshaped for more comfort in riding position and their palm grip pattern provides better adhesion.    

Adequate insulating protection for cool weather rides.