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Perforated palm with silicone structure and Biogel1 padding: More breathable. Better flexion. Less pressure on the ulnar and median nerves. Absorbs vibrations and reduces hand fatigue. Better grip.

Patented Ergo Air concept: Evacuates palm moisture and contributes to stabilize hand temperature.


1481062Not available online.


The Louis Garneau Biogel RX bike gloves feature the Patented Ergo Air® ventilation system and Mini Mesh uppers for superb ventilation. The gloves' perforated Amara palms with varying gel thickness reduce vibration and aid in comfort. Plus, these great gloves have ergonomically designed velcro closures for a perfect fit. 

Often simplicity determines adaptability. Minimalist versatility is incorporated in every piece of this collection to perfectly outfit that multi-purpose athlete.