allows the heat to be reflected unlike common dark textiles, which absorb heat, allowing the wearer to avoid overheating even during physical activity.

Seamless integrated ventilation to reduce heat build-up and evacuate moisture.

Engineered padding process created to relieve pressure on ulnar and median nerves and eliminating sources of friction or chafing.


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The fit of the Course Glove is designed to eliminate sources of chafing and is tailored to fit like a second-skin.  This is achieved by a series of truly innovative methods. Our patented progressive padding allows for maximal shock protection and absorption: 4mm padding on the ulnar nerve, 3mm padding at the metacarpus regions, and 2mm on the median nerve.  Using our unique and patent-pending molding process, this padding is seamlessly integrated to the palm for a incomparable handlebar feel.  The outer palm is made of Clarino Synthetic Leather, a super soft yet durable material for a maximum comfort and breathability. Through a precision cut, laser cut fingers eliminate stitching or hems at the finger openings without fraying.
Patent-pending finger-puller tabs at the fingers make the gloves easy to remove even with perspiration and silicone-coated segments increase grip and stability. A seamless one-piece upper hand is made of Speedtech fabric.  The edge of the wrist has also been fused, not stitched, to allow a perfect air flow from the upper-hand to the arm. Treated with coldblack®, the fabric reflects heat and the fabric stays cool to the touch.  The proprietary and patented Ergo Air System adds ventilation at the palms allowing air to circulate to skin of the hand, reduce moisture buildup, and stabilize hand temperature even when the hand is on the handlebar. 

The coveted essential elements of any cyclist whose passion fringes lunacy. A cohesive blend of second skin fit, new era styling, versatile materials, and focused technology. Apparel whose conceptual advances and fabric performance through researched biological considerations. Define yourself by stepping into the psyche of a pro.