AIR FLOW Patented Ergo Air palm ventilation with added ventilation between the pointer finger and the thumb for maximum ventilation during your sport activity.
GCS 3- and 5-mm gel padding for enhanced comfort. Significant reduction of pressure points to the ulnar and median nerves.

This product is intended to be used in temperatures down to 0° Celsius / +32° Fahrenheit.

Patented Ergo Air To ensure adequate moisture wicking, our patented Ergo Air vent system has been strategically positioned. 1.ERGO AIR ZONE 2.SKIN

Ergonomic fingers precurved at 70° for perfect fit without bulkiness to the handlebars.


1482142Not available online.


Ideal for conditions down to 2 degrees Farenheit (-15C), the Roubaix is specifically designed for racing with silicone-printed palms for sufficient grip, microfiber thumb, and curved neoprene cuff. 

Adequate insulating protection for cool weather rides.