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Maintains the heel in place during power stroke, thus maximizing power transfer. HRS-100: Retention system with a 0.6-mm membrane which provides enhanced support of the heel for more power and performance.

BOA L4 single rail quick attach system: Quick attach, distributed pressure and ultra light.


1487213Not available online.


The Carbon LS-100 shoe combines power, comfort and an elite fit.  An ultralight and rigid outsole provides better power transfer and ventilation, and the BOA L4 quick attach system offers a precise adjustment for a custom fit.

"It’s rare that a shoe inspires so much confidence upon first glance and touch that you’ll take it out of the box, slip it on, cinch it up, and ride a century in it the next day. The Louis Garneau women's Carbon LS-100 is that shoe." ~ Bicycling

Innovation Prevails.

Every aspect is designed and engineered to improve comfort and performance,including premium materials, anatomical designs and race-developed technology.

Specifically designed for women and based the anatomy of a woman's foot. Integrated with design and colors suited for female riders.

Specially designed for the female foot anatomy and close to the foot for increased sensation and power transfer.