Ergo Air II Outsole Fiberglass-reinforced Road outsole and aluminum-coated insole (1) provide insulation to protect from cold.

Insulated inside shoe Made on an insulated shoe base with 40g Thinsulate and waterproof lining.

Power strap Adjusting strap on forefoot for enhanced power transfer.

Maintains the heel in place during power stroke, thus maximizing power transfer. HRS-90 : Retention system with a 0.4-mm membrane which provides good support and comfort without sacrificing performance.

Insulated inner sole for cold protection: Keeps feet warm.


1487131Not available online.


The Glacier RD shoes are the latest winter cycling shoe with a fiberglass-reinforced road outsole and aluminum-coated insole to provide protection and insulation from the cold. Thinsulate waterproof lining can accommodate heat packs between the laces and outer fabric. Adjusting strap on the forefoot enhances power transfer.

Designed with technology specific to road cycling.

Adequate insulating protection for cool weather rides.