Easy to attach and very convenient to release while riding
For riding in any condition
Can by used in any condition with T-FLEX technology and can be ventilated when removing the POWER BLADE
Guaranties full protection of the BOA reel and easy access for any adjustment while riding
Insulated inner sole for cold protection: Keeps feet warm.

0° LS-100 SHOES

1487206Not available online.


All the features of the 0° LS-100 shoe contribute to making it the perfect shoe for the hardcore mountain biker and the cyclist that won't stop riding because of some bad weather. To keep your feet warm and dry, the shoe has an insulated inner sole, fully seam-sealed water-resistant 3 mm neoprene, a lined interior and a base of 4 mm foam insulation and waterproof membrane coated lining. For comfort and fit, the shoe is equipped with the BOA L4 attach system that is easy to attach, distributes pressure and ultralight, and is covered with a double flap with velcro for full protection. Finally, for performance, the Dual Density crampons offer rigidity and traction and allow better mud evacuation, and thermoplastic toe cover provides protection.    

It spits in your face, it steals your breath, it sends shivers down your spine. Mother Nature is relentless. But even in extreme weather conditions, you are focused on the ride because of cutting edge technology that stands the test of any cold weather warrior. Inspired by the will and the freedom that only exist on the singletrack trodden mountain bike trails slick with mud and resounding the spiritual meditation between you and the outdoors.

Adequate insulating protection for cool weather rides.