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Ultra comfort saddle

3mm gel padding: Eliminates perssure on iliac bones.

Memory Foam : Offers maximum weight distribution.

D2 Double Density Base: Ultimate comfort and flexibility.


1493953Not available online.


This saddle is designed to provide exceptional comfort for leisurely riding on bike paths and urban circuits thanks to its women-specific geometry and MultiLayer 4 comfort system including 3 mm gel padding and a memory foam layer. High-density polyurethane foam distributes weight and a double-density base provides additional comfort and flexibility. Its shape eliminates pressure at the perineum area and creates airflow, and the elastomer shocks absorb vibrations and shocks for a smooth ride.    

An Intelligent Start.

Designed for the casual rider with no compromise on performance or comfort.

You are the source of change. A legendary social movement fueled by bio-power and the knowledge that green is not a color it is lifestyle. For you we've designed a line that factors protection, performance, comfort, weather, and safety whether you are commuting cruising of conserving.

Designed and contoured for female riders.