The fore part of the helmet constantly comes into conflict with air when the rider is moving. This is why the golf-ball effect is strategically positioned on the front. It creates controlled air disturbance to limit friction onto the helmet. Textured surface on front of the helmet to achieve better laminar airflow.

When we build a helmet, we take into account airflow since the heat of the rider's head must be evacuated in order to keep a good performance. Moisture channels are designed to let the air in at the front of the helmet through to the back to efficiently keep the head cool.

Moisture channels provide better airflow and moisture wicking.

Spiderlock SL is a helmet stabilizing device that perfectly fits in with the webbing system. Its mechanism is alike the Spiderlock Elite's, but an engineering process has been performed to reduce significantly the weight of the helmet. This way, we have built very comfortable helmets with lower weight. It may be tightened around the rider's head with only one hand thanks to its rack-and-pinion mechanism. The angle can be adjusted. Ergonomic foam padding for optimum comfort at the neck area.

So light that this rack-and-pinion system can be adjusted or removed to stabilize the helmet around the head. It is provided with an ergonomic foam padding.


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An entry level aero helmet with the golf ball effect technology that helps achieve better laminar airflow. The Chrono-leggera is light enough to make you forget you are wearing a helmet. 

Designed with technology specific to triathlon competition and training.

Designed with technology specific to road cycling.