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About Us

For over 25 years, Louis Garneau has been an innovator in the world of cycling. What started in his father's garage has grown into an internationally recognized industry leader that specializes in the design and development of technological and innovative gear. We take great pride in our extensive product line that addresses the needs of all types of cyclists and athletes. We strive to produce products that exceed expectations and set benchmarks for technology and performance in the industry. We transform intuitive ideas into intelligent products. We capture an audience of millions of cyclists worldwide through our products and not only have we built a company from their needs, we offer a cycling solution which includes a one stop shop for all your cycling needs.

Whether you are training for your next triathlon or bike to work, Louis Garneau products will take your ride to a higher level. Experience Garneau.


Louis' Garage 1983 - Louis Garneau, the president founder and his wife Monique Arsenault, started manufacturing their first cycling clothes in his father's garage.
First Building 1984 - Louis Garneau moves to boulevard Charest a Sainte-Foy and employs five people.
Dalton Factory 1985 - Louis Garneau continues to grow and relocates to rue Dalton a Sainte-Foy and production grows to sixteen employees.
New Factory 1988 - In just five years, Louis Garneau Sports grew from one employee to 118 employees, a garage to a 32,000 square foot building, and local distribution had proliferated to national distribution throughout Canada.
Entering the Helmet Market 1988 - Louis Garneau embarks on the helmet market.  A market that eventually, Louis Garneau will grow to become a leader of.
First US Store 1989 - Merely a catalyst for the future, in 1989, Louis Garneau crossed the border and embarked on the US market with the opening of the first US office in Newport, VT.

1991 - After modest helmet sales in 1989, tremendous sale increases and an export market breakthrough happened in 1990. Export market grew to over 20 distributors worldwide.
First Factory Expansion 1993- Factory in Saint-Augustin undergoes further expansion to house over 150 employees.

1996- Louis Garneau is voted CANADA'S 50 BEST MANAGED PRIVATE COMPANIES sponsored by Advantage, Canadian, The Financial Post & Arthur Andersen
First Website 1997- Louis Garneau launches a website and embarks on the world wide web.

1998- Hydrowear Jersey, able to hold a bladder from any hydration system-no backpack required, is voted Editor's Choice by Bicycling

First Sponsorships  2000- Louis Garneau sponsors Saturn Professional Cycling Team whose roster consisted of cycling greats such as Ivan DOMINGUEZ, Tim JOHNSON. Mark MCCORMACK, Lyne BESSETTE, Michael BARRY, Chris WHERRY.

2000- Official Apparel and Helmet Sponsor of Saturn Professional Cycling whose roster consisted of cycling greats such as Ivan DOMINGUEZ, Tim JOHNSON. Mark MCCORMACK, Lyne BESSETTE, Michael BARRY, Chris WHERRY.
First Legal TT Helmet 2002- First on the market with a legal TT helmet, the Prologue Helmet.

2002- Patented Ergo Air Concept Introduced
Jittery Joe's 2003- Beginning of a 5 year sponsorship with the Jittery  Professional Cycling Team launching the Head to Toe Cycling Solution.
chris Legh 2004- Start of sponsorship of Pro Triathlete,Chris Legh.  This sponsorship continues on today.
Gemini Jacket 2006- Gemini Jacket is voted Bicycling Editor's Choice.
Bouygues-Telecom Professional Cycling Team 2007- Sponsored Bouygues-Telecom Professional Cycling Team with helmets.  
Team Type 1 - Team Type 2 2009- Sponsorship of Team Type 1 which included a Men's and Women's Pro Team, RAAM Team, and Triathlon Team.
Rock Racing 2009- Sponsorship of Rock Racing Professional Cycling Team with helmets and shoes debuted at the Tour of California.
Snowshoes 2009- Louis Garneau launches a snowshoe collection for the US Market for Winter 2010.
Team TBB 2010- Louis Garneau announces their worldwide sponsorship of teamTBB, a Singapore-based team. Team TBB is a major player in professional triathlon, representing and managing 30 athletes of 15 nationalities.
Bahati Racing 2010- Louis Garneau sponsors of the Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team. The Bahati Foundation, founded by Rahsaan Bahati, is a non-profit organization that inspires and empowers underprivileged youth to rise above their circumstances.
Chrissy Wellington 2010- Louis Garneau announces a three year helmet sponsorship with the current 3X Successive Ironman Champion and Course Record Breaker, Chrissie Wellington.
Zone 3K Shorts 2010- Winner of the Editors' Choice Award for Best Women's Short Under $100 USD by Bicycling Magazine.