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October 18, 2011


New for 2012, the Carve helmet is lightweight, highly ventilated, and offers super protection for mountain bikers. The MSB technology (a monocoque structural base at the base of the helmet that reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection) along with a fully bonded back spread the shock of impacts, provides support, and enables the helmet to be lightweight. Highly inspired by the Exo-Nerv technology seen in earlier Louis Garneau helmets, the U=Bar technology is made with U-shaped plastic ribs that are folded 6 times. These ribs act like a complex ekoskeleton that reinforces the helmet's structure. The Patented Spiderlock Pro Retention, hailed as one of the best in the cycling industry, allows the user to adjust the helmet with only one hand to ensure safety while on the bike. The Carve comes with a removable visor that is specifically designed for the helmet. "Helmets have three criteria that need to be met: It needs to be safe, it needs to be ventilated, and it needs to be lightweight. Often these criteria go against each other, but by utilizing patented technology we are able to achieve all three and offer an amazing stylish mountain bike lid," comments Pierre Perron, International Marketing Director.

The Carve helmet will be available in January and retails for $84.99.