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Momentum frame:
Improves stride efficiency with narrow width and optimal surface area (123in2). Teflon coating reduces drag

Weave decking:
Offers the greatest abrasion resistance on the market while its rip stop design ensures a puncture proof deck

Attack crampons:
Aggressive crampons that offer good control on training, race and championship circuits. Made from 7075-T6 aluminum

Reflex Pro pivot:
Provides shock absorption and good foot rotation for an efficient stride. The torsional stiffness provides a close-to-foot motion of the snowshoe


Race-inspired design for winter endurance runners

Designed for running, the Contact Lite Harness is a more practical solution than bolting your running flats directly to the decking. While bolting allows for no adjustments, hit-or-miss decision-making on where to drill holes, and lack of stability on the forefoot, the Contact Lite Harness allows for toe adjustment and front retention to achieve natural positioning and stride.
Through the use of two BOA dials, the runner is able to achieve a balanced fit. One dial secures the heel in place. The second dial secures the forefoot and toes in place without pressure points. Easy-turn knob can be readjusted and perfect on the fly.
With an 80% reduction in weight over traditional harness systems, the Contact Lite Harness offers the most precise fit at a fraction of the weight. Race-oriented construction adapts to running shoes for an increased connectivity.

Snowfree surface:
Excellent snow shedding from deck

Revolutionizing snowshoe bindings with BOA Technology – customized, lightweight, comfortable, on-the-fly adjustment that pushes performance to the limit.


USD$ 249.99

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Built for speed, the Course snowshoe offers a competitive edge for the winter training enthusiast seeking to push their limits. From the lightweight frame with optimal surface area and teflon coating that reduces drag, the decking that offers the greatest abrasion resistance on the market, the aggressive crampons, the Reflex Pro pivot that provides shock absorption and good foot rotation for an efficient stride, to the Contact Lite harness with dual BOA mechanism that is specifically designed to offer maximum support and minimum weight while providing an easy to adjust custom fit, everything about this snowshoe is designed to boost your speed. 

Trail Walking
Hardpacked snow
Flat / Rolling terrain
Snowshoe speed
Contact Lite harness with BOA reels, 7975-T6 tubing and crampons ~ 795g
Minimal, yet aggressive crampons, provide optimal Attack in the snow
Frame optimizes surface area (123 in2) while reducing the widths to a minimum